Unique magazine of personal interviews with non-famous people, now available for iPhone and iPad. Excerpts of more than 100 interviews are available online. The first twelve issues are available as two paperback books containing more than seventy interviews.

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An endless stream of daydreaming inspiration – free for your iPhone and iPad! We find tons of inspiration while making K Composite Magazine and we share links with you all day every day in K Mate. Design, photography, architecture, interiors, recipes and typography are among what you’ll find updated throughout the day.

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The Internet’s most comprehensive, illustrated, historical timeline of Louisville, Kentucky. Stories, history, books, lists of famous people from the city, you name it. A connected gift shop offers Louisville souvenirs online with worldwide shipping and hundreds of Louisville-related books. You can even get a free e-mail account @Louisville.cc.

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Online magazine featuring stories, articles and dispatches from Stockholm. Scott Ritcher chronicles life in Sweden through the eyes of an American. These pieces also appear on Sweden’s largest English language news site TheLocal.se.

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Reliable web hosting provider featuring domain names under $10 per year. Tailored toward small businesses and WordPress publishers. Maximizing faster load times with your choice of data centers in America, the UK and Sweden.

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Instant news, compiled from dozens of sources and updated in real time. Daily news trackers include Apology Central, bizarre stories from around the world, and elaborate charts and graphs.

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A rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, formed in 1994, responsible for six full-length albums and multiple tours of the United States and Europe. Alternative Press calls the recent “Carbonistas” album “a confounding record that demands undivided attention.”

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The Slamdek Record Company was an independent label based in Louisville which operated from 1986 through 1995. The label was known for launching bands like Crain, Rodan, Endpoint, Metroschifter and Sunspring, and documenting the music of Louisville. Many of the label’s vintage recordings are now available again as direct downloads or from iTunes.

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A band featuring Maya Weissbach of Music For Boating and Scott Ritcher of the Metroschifter. Their 11-song debut album “When I Wake Up I Play This Song” is now available on CD and iTunes.

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A boutique record label launched by the band Metroschifter in 1998. The label’s catalog is largely comprised of Metroschifter side projects and recordings made by their friends, including the Pat McClimans Group, Best Actress, and Department of Energy.

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One of our longtime partners, Monkey Drive is a full-service screenprinting shop offering shirts, stickers, matchbooks, business cards, canvas tote bags, campaign yard signs, limited-run posters and more. They opened way back in the ’90s and we have worked together with them for over ten years.

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Vintage and handmade clothing for men and women. Jewelry, accessories, purses, shoes, belts and belt buckles, boots, Louisville art, hats, flasks, natural bath and beauty products. Hey Tiger offers online sales through Etsy and a cute retail boutique on Bardstown Road in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood.


A husband and wife-owned photography studio specializing non-traditional wedding photography.
From your engagement pictures to your baby’s first photos, Chris and Jessie have you covered.